2022 When will it be safe?  September trip


Dear Fellow Travellers: January  trip was excellent. No problems, no fear and Paris remains as fabulous as it was and Provence just as magical. 


At the moment, I know as much as you about what the future of travel will be. Each day we get more positive information from our French contacts and like here, things are loosening up. You are free to make personal choices about masks or not: people are chomping at the bit to travel. 

 I have great faith that they and the rest of the

world will heal from this tragedy, one day. Keep the faith.



I am committing to  May 2022 for a personal trip with my sister. Just to do more research for you to see what is what. Many things have changed. Many remain the same. New hotels, new resaurants and new experiences. 

Contact me to hold your spot.

No down payment. No risk on your part. lori@heartinprovence.com

The cost will be based on the changes I encounter in May

I will post that ASAP upon my return


Think of your dream trip. Do it. 

These uncertain times have made making dreams

a reality so much more relevant. 


Absolutely. Keep planning your dream trip, keep saving and keep safe.

This too shall pass. Like all of you, we won't travel until you personally feel comfortable travelling again. 


Keep planning and keep dreaming. I hope and pray this is over soon.

And I think I'd like to add a trip to Versaille to the itinerary...and the Garnier Opera House in Paris. 

Merci Lori




Lifelong dream to travel to Paris & Southern France?
Spend hours pouring over travel magazines, movies 

and websites of Provence and Paris?
Does a private wine, shopping, food, art, history tour with a woman who has experienced France as the French do appeal to you?

Have you seen the movies, read the books, dreamed of the food and wine?

This is your dream trip- make it a reality.

Contact me now to hold your spot for September 2022-

no down payment involved. 

It will be fall like- a bit fresh- (upside- fewer tourists)

but it will remain Paris and Provence

regardless of the weather.  



Food,Wine & the Good Life

It IS just like the movies and the books. Provence is where world reknowned markets have all the specialties of the regions in abundance- olives & oils, spices, the freshest fruit and vegetables imaginable.The eniticing aromas of freshly roasted meats tease the palate. Chocolate and pastry shops are everywhere- try them all! Sip a cooling Rosé de Provence while sitting in a cafe on the Cours Mirabeau- the most beautiful street outside of Paris! We will visit wineries, head to Marseille and bathe in the magic that is the south.

Finish in Paris where the food is a marvel. Everything from breakfast to a two hour lunch to dinner at 8:00(very early for a Parisian)  will amaze you. Bakeries with hot bread all day long, sip an espresso in a famous cafe and watch the Parisians and especially the Parisiennes. Famous and not so famous spots will thrill you. Off the tourist path to authentic restaurants and bars-Paris has it all.


Isle sur la Sorgue

History & Culture

From Roman ruins to state of the art concert halls, we will visit the well known edifces that can`t be missed, but then we go off the tourist trail to deep, profound Provence. We will show you things that are not in the guidebooks that you can only know about by living there. We will experience France as the French do. Cafés, restaurants, markets, sun filled streets and endless meandering- that is what the south is about. Day trips to the Mediterranean and Marseille: pop out to Avignon to visit the Palace of the Popes: fancy some antiquing in Isle sur la Sorgue? Provence has all that at a very languid pace.


Ending in Paris- fancy a trip to the Louvre? We will by pass the line and head to a private entrance. Impressionist artists? That would be Quay d'Orsay museum. Monet's water lillies? Permanent installation awaits. Rodin Museum- with art from Camille Claudel, his muse, and the iconic Thinker and Gates of Hell. Notre Dame de Paris- absolutely must visit this Gothic marvel. Catacombs? If you insist!




Savon de Marseille- a wall of soap

Shopping & Strolling


Aix is known as the "little Paris" less hustle and bustle but just as much charm. Aix has "Haute Couture" shops like Hermes, Yves St Laurent, Heschung, Paraboots, Lancel, Les Oliviades, Sephora, and many more. Jewelry, shoes, clothing, gourmet food & chocolates, kitchen items, and fabric all can be found in Aix-unique one of a kind artisanal creations are waiting there for  you. And if markets are more your speed, Aix has some of the best in France - 3 days a week- with Saturday being the big day.

Paris puts a new spin on shopping in France. They do have all the Grande Magasins- Luis Vuitton, Chanel,Galleries Lafayette & Printemps. Boutiques like you can only dream of! Markets, Les Halles, antiques, fabrics- for the shopper the big stores are only the beginning. Paris has hundreds of tiny charming shops that are unique to the City of Light. Lingere? Excellent. Shoes? Absolutley. Kitchen supplies- nothing like Dehillerin.


Welcome to Heart In Provence!

Heart In Provence takes small groups of women only on fully escorted, 10 night tours of France! We start this dream in Aix-en-Provence. Founded by the Romans and always in fashion, Aix is still a marvel of light, culture, wine and food. We do 7 nights in this dreamy paradise and then up to Paris by high speed train (TGV) to the City of Light.  The company offers initial planning, airport to airport accompaniment, bilingual escorting, on site translation; well-chosen comfortable, appropriate accommodations, ground transportation and all food and beverage arrangements as well. Once you board the plane, you never have to take out your wallet! (Of course, personal purchases and extra hotel charges are not included). Consider this a private tour- a real alternative to travel for the masses. We work with your plans and desires. Touching on the great museums and edifices is only the beginning: after that it all gets very personal. Every step of the way the tours will be customised to guests’ special requests for day trips-wine, art, music, food, culture –it is all possible in Paris and Provence. 

Heart in Provence offers a unique and secure way to have that trip of a lifetime to experience France the way the French do.

Heart in Provence exists because of the life experience of its owner Lori, when at age of 29, first visited Europe to go to Chantilly, France on a business trip to pick up a thoroughbred stallion and literally fell in love with everything in French. She knew then and there that she would be back one day- little did she know that it would be when she married a French man and moved to live in Aix-en-Provence. During Lori’s 8 years in France she had the pleasure, passion, privilege and also tribulations of creating a life from scratch. Armed initially with only high school French, she made her fair share and then some, of cultural faux pas, but learned from her mistakes.  That is why this company is so near and dear to her heart: she has made all the mistakes possible and takes the guesswork out of seeing Paris & Provence so her guests will have the lifetime experience they have dreamed of. No time wasted waiting in lines or navigating the complex geography of Paris & Provence. Maximizing your trip is the essence of Heart In Provence.

Lori knows the language (certified bilingual), is a newly minted French Citizen and after 8 years living in Aix, she knows how to navigate the culture.  Qualified with International Sommelier Guild level II in wine, UBC Certificate in French Culinary Arts and over 4 years of teaching cooking here in Vancouver, over 9 years catering experience, she takes guests to the places she is confident they will love to see. Knowing her way around France helps immensely with flights, trains, hotels and auto bookings.  From personal experience she knows where to go and how to get there. Round all that out with a real profound love for French food, wine and culture and this is the perfect opportunity to put all that good learning to use.  It is Lori`s pleasure to share this passionate excitement with others: she has done all the hard work, now just show up at the airport with your bag packed and off you go in safety, comfort and security knowing you will be taken care of personally.

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