2018 Dream Trip- Paris & Provence-$4,800 CAD + tax



The holidays are over, life is back to normal.  The weather is warming up but  Paris  is still calling.  And you are right to answer the sirens' call. Paris is beautiful and Provence magnificent, no matter the weather. In fact, you get fewer crowds and more peace of mind in May and September  than say, June or July. Just put on a stylish scarf and bring a cool weather jacket. We can walk at our leisure and visit the important sites in near peace and solitude. It is a marvellous time to be in France.


Sadly, our Canadian dollar is a bit flabby right now. But I guarantee you once, you sign up, the price will never increase. 


Now is the time to book your dream trip for  2018 Paris & Provence. Why adding Paris, you might ask to Provence specialty?


If this is your dream trip, Air France has just make it so easy with flights Vancouver to Paris  and an easy transfer to Marseille. Other locations are well served- daily from most major airports in the USA and Canada.  Everyone should go to Paris- it is just a must. With a pre reserved VIP service,  we head into deepest Paris  together in comfort and Luxury in a Mercedez vehicle with our own driver.


So we start with 3 comfortable nights in Paris and then we take the TGV (high speed train) down to Aix. It will be a  just under 4 hour trip in comfort and with a major convenience-no airport transfers!  And a VIP picnic of Champagne, cheese, bread and snacks. Just enough VIP luxury in first class to keep  us comfortable. 


This May and September trips are  lovely - but you could at times feel the crush of tourists- but so much better than the high season. Big groups. Descending on you like a wave. Generally these groups now come as shore excursions from cruise ships-Marseille being the guilty port here. May and September are not prime time for these groups and frankly the weather in Provence can be a bit cool but Aix gets over 300 days of sun a year. So grab a light jacket and hit the markets, just in case. You will be rewarded with a better idea of what life is like in the south without crowds. And off we go: Avignon, Arles, Nimes, Orange, Vaison la Romaine, Puy St Reparade, Marseilles- the list is endless. The only boundaries we have is how much we can see in a day. Flexibility is the key- we do what you want, when you want.


It is truly the best of both worlds! Paris & Provence.


Paris is  a well served airport and generally easy to get to from major cities all over the world. Sometimes I go  few days  ahead and meet you there. We are chauffer driven - our intimate group only, no strangers. No big buses. No big groups. This is a semi private tour at a group price. And did I mention you get your own room? No sharing-  unless you have a best buddy along!


It is filling up quickly- we are a small group after all- so let me know your interest. Maximum 6 women. I am exploring the possiblity of a couples trip - let me now if you are interested.


Airfare is not included in this... we will coordinate flights to make it a breeze!


Just pop an email off to lori@heartinprovence.com

See you in France!

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