2022-SEPTEMBER IS LOOKING GOOD  New & Improved Itinerary



Since the world has changed so much in the last 18 months and is still evolving, I have been to France in January. Will e going back in May to see what has changed. I already know my preferred hotel in Paris has rebranded to a hoochie –Vegas-style-bordello, so that is off the list. It will be a great pleasure to scope out new ones for our adventures. There is so much choice.


So every time I go to France I learn and refine. Flight itineraries have morphed to smaller planes with less service while airlines navigate this pandemic glitch. Again, unprecedented adaptations for safety’s sake.


So for September 2022-Short version.

This trip we fly into Marseille and after a short limo ride we settle in Aix-en-Provence. Flying out will be from Paris –we take a 3 hourTGV (high speed trai) up to Paris with a champagne picnic en route for our final three nights and departure to home.


Just so you know, life goes on in Paris and France as it does everywhere. The French embrace their days like no others: start with living every moment and going from there. Food, drink, friends and family are embraced as only the French can. It is being a "Bon Vivant"- a pleasure seeker! Paris will always be the City of Light. It is as full of beauty and love as it has always been- it truly is like no other city on earth. I'm thinking of a trip to Versailles as well: a short ride to another spectacular location. With all the TV shows now available featuring this incredible palace, Versailles seems like a must see. 


Aix and environs were settled by the Romans. That means over 2,500 years of history in the making of Provence. We can discover as much or as little as you want: it has everything from vineyard visits to fabulous people watching in cafes. Markets and day trips to Marseilles are de rigeur. We stroll, we don’t skitter or run. You will never see our group hurrying along. We are there to experience Provence like the French do. Be a traveller. 

Not a tourist. 


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Example: order a coffee and you get an espresso. Order a martini and you get vermouth.  Want to go to a Museum on Tuesday? Check that because most are closed. It is just the way things are in France! And now with the pandemic slowly grinding to a halt, many other things have changed. 

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