2017- New & Improved Itinerary



So every time I go to France I learn and refine. This trip we will meet in Marseille- transferring to arrive at Marseille/Provence Airport. This accomplishes two things. Firstly it eliminates up and down travel (literally) by saving  us precious time and secondly we will have a bit of time to adjust to France before the grand finale. We will start in the delightful calm that is the south and end with 3 nights in spectacular Paris.


Meet in Marseille, spend 7 night in Aix -en-Provence and then go up to Paris by TGV and end our journey that way. It seems like a much better plan. Easy peasy.


Just so you know, life goes on in Paris as it does everywhere. Parisians embrace their days like no others: start with living every moment and going from there. Food, drink, friends and family are embraced as only the French can. It is being a "Bon Vivant"- a good liver! (Liver like Life not the organ).  There was no noticible difference on our Sept 2016 trip- Paris will always be the City of Light. It is as full of beauty and love as it has always been- it truly is like no other city on earth.



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Want to know how to thrive while in France? Click on the "CONTACT US " tab and fill out the form FOR A FREE EBOOK with 101 tips and tricks on how to survive France. Everything is different there- culture trumps experience.

Example: order a coffee and you get an espresso. Order a martini and you get vermouth.  Want to go to a Museum on Tuesday? Check that because most are closed. It is just the way things are in France!

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