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“No Worries”  is a common saying these days and that’s exactly what you 
get when you travel with Lori as your Personal Guide.
Lori handles everything with grace and ease.  All you have to do, is relax
and enjoy the journey. Her knowledge, love and appreciation of Paris/Aix and her ability to speak 
French fluently are wonderful bonuses. Lori has exquisite taste and knows all the best shops and eateries to visit, but knows how to save you money.
The luxury of having your own room was exceptional!  We all like our 
privacy. I can only say taking this trip was a blessing and something I’d love to do
Thank-you Lori, for following your heart and sharing this Beautiful gift of
Heart in Provence with us!!!I’ll cherish the wonderful, fun-filled memories, it was Awesome and I am
forever grateful. 

Barbara C.




I so enjoyed this trip to  France, it was a great experience for me,  enjoyed meeting you and H as well.   I am very grateful B mentioned going to Paris and I said yes right away.  I feel you did an amazing job with all the places we visited and toured to and from  and many new experiences for me.  I enjoyed  Paris a lot,  our walking trips daily, the museums were amazing and the Eiffel Tower was great to see and the famous beautiful George Hotel.    I enjoyed our train trip to Provence  and lunch so good, all of our travels, all of  our touring in Providence,  the Ruins, the castles, shopping at the markets, meeting wonderful people .   I enjoyed  coffee and croissants in the mornings and watching the people and the food was fantastic with our wonderful lunches and dinners.  For me it was so good to be with the girls and I thoroughly enjoyed this trip.  

I would recommend you as a guide Lori,  you did a great job.    Your French was excellent too.   Thanks so much for everything.

Gwen P.


I would highly recommend taking a tour in France with Heart in Provence.


During my trip to Provence, Lori Smithers-Ruiz was able to help me navigate all aspects of French culture, cuisine, sightseeing and shopping. As a solo female traveler, I was freed from the worry of planning, trying to speak French and understand the culture all on my own. Since Lori is fluent in French and has lived in Aix En Provence for 7 years, she truly lets you experience Provence as a local.  Lori was able to show me all the must see attractions, shops and markets in the Provence region. With her many years of experience in the food and wine industry, Lori also recommended the best wine and cuisine in town.


Lori is a knowledgeable, patient, experienced guide who can accommodate your interests and preferences during your trip. If you’ve been dreaming of traveling to France, you will have the trip of a lifetime with Heart in Provence!


L. Clark- teacher & world traveler



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Want to know how to thrive while in France? Click on the "CONTACT US " tab and fill out the form FOR A FREE EBOOK with 101 tips and tricks on how to survive France. Everything is different there- culture trumps experience.

Example: order a coffee and you get an espresso. Order a martini and you get vermouth.  Want to go to a Museum on Tuesday? Check that because most are closed. It is just the way things are in France! And now with the pandemic slowly grinding to a halt, many other things have changed. 

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