Vancouver to Marseille- changes for 2018

Air France has announced service Vancouver to Paris direct in March of 2015! There is a new kid on the block -apparently Air Canada has direct flights on its new dreamliner plane.

Both great ways to fly: pick your favorite.  


Who doesn't like to get comfortable, watch a few good movies, have a beverage, a meal and a nap and wake up in time for breakfast and coffee? IN FRANCE!


And that means we must start our journey in Paris! Yes, first stop Paris  So our trips start n Paris - 3 nights- and then train to Aix.  Picnic with Champagne in first class of course- TGV. Magic! And the magic continues with 7 nights in Aix en Provence. Fly out of Marseille - the best way to avoid the chaos and pain of CDG airport. 


Come and be a traveller, not a tourist.

A bientot.



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Want to know how to thrive while in France? Click on the "CONTACT US " tab and fill out the form FOR A FREE EBOOK with 101 tips and tricks on how to survive France. Everything is different there- culture trumps experience.

Example: order a coffee and you get an espresso. Order a martini and you get vermouth.  Want to go to a Museum on Tuesday? Check that because most are closed. It is just the way things are in France!

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